Mar 042012

When I first started this blog, I decided to use BlogEngine.NET as the blog engine. There were a few different reasons for this, which I discussed in this post.

I haven’t been blogging in awhile, and one of the reasons was a general lack of satisfaction with the BlogEngine.NET software. I looked at WordPress, and it seemed like a much more robust platform with a much bigger community. I spent about a day installing it and tweaking it to my satisfaction, and I couldn’t be happier with the move. Hands-down I prefer WP over BE. Continue reading »

Feb 212011

This is a quick post to see if code syntax highlighting is working. Theoretically it is supposed to work out of the box with BlogEngine.NET.

public static void Main()
    Console.WriteLine("Hello, World!");

Well, that was pretty easy. All you have to is surround the code with [code:lang] [/code] tags, where “lang” could be a lot of different languages, “c#” in this case.