Mar 012011

I am currently working on doing some integration between ASP.NET and Sharepoint.  The Sharepoint site I’m going against is hosted by a third party, and I couldn’t find an obvious way to figure out what version of Sharepoint I was actually working with.  I was praying for SP 2010 because it has a built in OData endpoint that makes things a lot easier to use.  The OData endpoint didn’t seem to be working (a post for a different time), but I still wanted to verify what version of SP I was working with, so I didn’t look like an idiot when contacting the host for support.

After some research, it turns out that Sharepoint returns a response header with the Sharepoint version.  So, using my trusty Firebug, I went to the site’s home page, and in the Net tab of Firebug, under the Home.aspx entry, there was a response header MicrosoftSharePointTeamServices with a value of  Looking at this post, this is indeed the version that corresponds with Sharepoint 2010 RTM.  Good news.  Now if I only I could get that OData endpoint working…

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