Dec 202012

The intent of this post is to save the next poor bastard that encounters this error, and spends hours googling (err…binging?) for it only to find out that it is a quick fix that has nothing to do with the error.

I just started using BizTalk, because the shop I just joined uses it for anytime anything has to talk to anything, even when it is a bit of an overkill solution. So far, BizTalk and I have a love-hate relationship, in that I completely hate it, and I love when I stop using it for the day.

Anyways, let me stop whining and help you. I was using the WCF-SQL adapter to call a SQL Server stored procedure from an orchestration. The sproc was executing successfully, but then the orchestration would suspend in trying to pull in the response from the stored procedure. The following error was produced in the application event log:

Received unexpected message type ” does not match expected type ‘’.

I compared every stupid type used in the orchestration, double- and triple-checked everything, and was still getting this error. It turns out that the solution is to go into the send port which calls the stored procedure, and change the pipeline from the default of PassThruReceive to XmlReceive. Once I did that, everything worked.

It is this kind of unintuitive, unforgiving nonsense that makes BizTalk a really difficult platform to work in.

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