Mar 252012

I decided to spend some time this afternoon getting started with Microsoft’s Azure cloud service. Since I have an MSDN Subscription, I am allowed a certain amount of usage for free, and I figured I should check it out. I started by logging into my MSDN Subscription, clicking on My Account, and then clicking on Activate under the Azure section. I was greeting by this less-than-helpful message tell me “The offer is not available”.

Clicking on the “Click here to see a similar offer” banner led me to sign up for a free 3 month trial, and I was sure I was entitled to more than that. So I start googling around and find a page on the Azure site detailing the MSDN offers. Unfortunately, clicking Activate on that page led to the same error screen.

I went to the Chat option under the MSDN subscription and spoke with a Microsoft representative. They told me to sign up for the free trial, and then there would be a message telling me to upgrade my account to the MSDN subscription offer. I did this, but saw no such message. Eventually, I figured it out. Under the Azure subscriptions page, there is a button that says “add subscription”. Clicking on that brought me to a list of account offers, and one of those was my MSDN subscription.

Not a very intuitive process, but it is working now. Hopefully anyone else running into this will find this page and short cut the issue. Enjoy Azure!

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