About Justin Kohlhepp


I am a Software Engineer working in Hartford, CT. I live in the Hartford area with my wife and plus-sized cat. I have been working in software development for over 10 years, and spend far too much of time thinking about the best ways to create code. My primary focus is .NET, but I dabble in many other technologies. I am particularly passionate about software testing and agile methodologies. I am an occaisional speaker at local user groups and code camps.

When I’m not coding I spend my free time gaming (video games, board games, tabletop roleplaying games – I like them all) or playing golf when the weather is good. I’m also an avid reader, generally of science, philosophy, or fantasy novels.


Thanks for my friend Tom Haslam for designing the “geek thinker” logo. He did a great job with it. You can find his blog at codetheorist.com.

Why “Rational Geek”?

Well, first of all, finding good website names nowadays is really hard. Almost all of the good ones are taken. I spent a good amount of time with a DNS lookup tool and thesaurus.com before I found a domain name that I didn’t dislike for one reason or another. So it’s not like this domain name was the first thing that jumped to mind.

Why is “rational geek” a good moniker for my site? Well, the geek part should be obvious. I am a tech geek, coding geek, gaming geek, science geek, and surely other obsessions that I’m forgetting. As for rational: I tend to approach problems and situations very analytically. I spend a lot of time thinking about philosophy, and lean toward empircism, skepticism, objectivism, and coldly rational positions. So yeah, “rational geek” sums me up pretty well.

Other Instances of Me

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